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Centre of excellence for translational medicine

After regaining independence a number of changes in all areas of the society have occurred in Estonia, with expectations and challenges put forward in medical research and education. To meet these challenges and to be more effective in research, the Medical Faculty of the University of Tartu at the end of 2000 decided to establish its own top-level research body – the Centre of Molecular and Clinical Medicine. In 2002, this Centre was acknowledged as the European Newly Associated State Centre of Excellence (2003–2006) and also as a national centre of excellence by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Science (2003–2007). In 2005 the Centre was nominated as EU Marie Curie Centre (2005–2009). In 2008 the Centre was reorganized into present structure and has been supported as a Centre of Excellence (FP7 REGPOT project:  Advancing scientific performance and regional potential of Estonian biomedical research, 2008–2011). In July 2008 the Centre was reorganized and renamed as “Centre of Excellence for Translational Medicine” and is now recognized as national centre of excellence 2008-2015.

This web page was generated with the assistance of financial support from the Community: The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013/REGPOT-2007-1) under grant agreement no 205773.